buskin (plural buskins)

  1. A half-boot.
    • 1819: Isaac, relieved of one half of his apprehensions, by learning that his daughter lived, and might possibly be ransomed, threw himself at the feet of the generous Outlaw, and, rubbing his beard against his buskins, sought to kiss the hem of his green cassock. — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
  2. A type of boot worn by the ancient Athenian tragic actors; tragic drama, tragedy.

6 letters in word "buskin": B I K N S U.

No anagrams for buskin found in this word list.

Words found within buskin:

bi bin bink binks bins bis bisk buik buiks bun bunk bunks buns bus busk in ink inks ins is kin kins knub knubs nib nibs nis nu nub nubs nus si sib sin sink ski skin snib snub sub sui suk sun suni sunk un uni unis uns us